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Simone Prattico


SIMONE PRATTICO drums (percussion on track 8)
KLAUS MUELLER piano & rhodes
EDWARD PEREZ bass (on 3, 4)
ESSIET OKON ESSIET bass (on 1,2,5,7)

String Section: 

Gregor Huebner violin (on 2,3)
Carrie Frey viola (on 2,3)
Rubin Khodeli cello (on 2,3)


Recorded by Michael Brorby at Acoustic Recording , Brooklyn, NY
Additional recordings at Studios Ferber, Paris
String section recorded by Klaus Mueller
Audio Post-Production by Tommaso Galati
Mixed by Francesco de Nigris at NGR, Rome
Quartieri spagnoli and That’s it mixed by Klaus Mueller
Mastered by François Fanelli at Sonics Studio, Marseille
That’s it mastered by Simone Lancelot at Studios Ferber, Paris
Graphic Design by Daniela Troilo
Artwork from a painting of Elvira de Luca (1999)



1. Quartieri Spagnoli
2. Bay Ridge
3. Push and Pull
4. Helene
5. Tanger
6. Village Debate
7. Promise Me You’ll Remember
8. That’s it


All composition by Simone Prattico and Klaus Mueller except

Promise Me You’ll Remember by Carmine Coppola.

Brooklyn sessions 



1. Cycles (K.Mueller)
2. Double blues (K. Mueller)
3. On green dolphin street (B.Kaper / N. Washington)
4. A vida nao e assim (S.Prattico/A. de Paula)
5. Herbert Hutchinson (B. Disterheft)
6. Maiden voyage (H. Hancock)
7. Piccolino (S. Prattico)
8. See ya (S. Prattico)

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